It's not easy raising kids these days...

clientuploads/The_Youth_Council/GETTY_2011/5_happy_teens.jpgAlthough friends and family provide support, sometimes short-term professional help can make a huge difference.

No matter how hard parents work to raise successful children, some kids struggle with making good decisions by experimenting with alcohol or drugs or testing limits that can lead to an arrest or school suspension. The Youth Council is proud to fill a critical niche for young people at the intersection of law enforcement, education, substance misuse and mental health symptoms. Although we don’t have a national brand, we are a trusted partner for many local entities. We believe that early intervention is critical to help get young people back on track and reduce future problems.

Since 1974, we have grown to serve as a first point-of-contact for greater Nashua, New Hampshire families trying to get to the root of their child’s difficulties. Whether showing signs of possible with mental health symptoms like depression or anxiety, experimenting with alcohol or other drugs, or having difficulty in school, we offer best-practice programs to more than 700 greater Nashua children and teens each year. We also track outcomes for everything we do.

Our mission is to build strong families- free from abuse, addiction, and court involvement with the help of our dedicated Board of Directors and talented Staff.

Our children and teens come from all walks of life, with all income levels, family structures and stressors. Grants through United Way, City of Nashua and private foundations, along with community donations, allow us to offer sliding scale fees for some services and keep costs low for others.

We are proud to have been recognized locally and nationally for our commitment to excellence and look forward to meeting you!

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