Holly Mara, BS

Court Diversion Program Coordinator

Holly joined The Youth Council team in 1993 providing counseling and support to at-risk teens and families. Currently, Holly specializes in helping teens to improve decision-making, enhance their life-skills and link with helpful resources in the community as coordinator of our Court Diversion Program. In this role, Holly serves as a member of the NH Juvenile Court Diversion Network, working to pilot evidence-based Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for youth after a first-time arrest.
In 2017, Holly began working with the Manchester Police Athletic League to help develop capacity for accredited juvenile court diversion services in Manchester. Before joining The Youth Council, Holly taught Adaptive and Physical Education classes in public and private schools, and served as Behavior Management Supervisor at the Nashua Children's Home.
A 1986 graduate of Springfield College, Holly earned her Bachelor of Science in Adapted/ Physical Education and is a certified primary and secondary education teacher. In addition, Holly was trained as a Non-Violent Crisis Physical Intervention instructor, completed her Life Space Interviewing training, received advanced first aid/CPR training and was trained as a Step Forward and Challenge Instructor.
During her free time Holly enjoys the outdoors, athletics and music, and spending time with her family.



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