Project IMPACT

Pilot Project at Nashua Middle Schools

  • Is your child acting different lately?
  • Are his or her grades slipping?
  • Are you worried that something's going on?
  • Are you feeling disconnected?

The Youth Council is partnering with the Integrated Delivery Network and Nashua School District to provide screening and intervention services for youth that attend Elm Street Middle School, Fairgrounds Middle School or Pennichuck Middle School who are struggling with stressors that may lead or have led them to develop a behavioral health issue.

Our intent is to meet with the youth at school to:

  • Collaborate with parents/guardians, school personnel, primary care providers and the youth
  • Identify the root of the issues with evidence-based screening and assessment tools
  • Set goals in collaboration with youth and parent/guardian
  • Recommend an array of supports and services
  • Develop an Action Plan and connect the youth and parent/guardian to community-based supports
  • Communicate with partners to increase goal attainment.
  • Check-in with the youth to monitor progress and support his/her efforts for approximately six weeks or until the youth has transitioned to identified community supports.

We know that there is a significant number of youth in Nashua facing challenges that may lead them to engage in risky behavior or to develop a behavioral health issue.

Our goal is to serve youth and parents that are not already connected with professional helpers to address mental health symptoms and substance misuse.


As you identify a youth that could benefit from Project IMPACT services, please be sure to include:

  1. Completed Referral Form
  2. Signed Informed Consent/Release of Information Form by the youth and his/her parent/guardian.
  3. FAX to The Youth Council at (603) 598-1703.

For more information, please contact:

Jamie Faulhaber, MA
(603) 889-1090 x318

Erin Richardson, MSW
(603) 889-1090 x306

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