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Referred by local police

Alcohol and Other Drug Concerns
screening and assessment to identify the extent
of the problem and recommend any further
intervention when needed such as Challenge
or treatment

Counseling for Individuals & Families
available on a sliding scale to help children, teens and families wtih a wide range of goals

Project IMPACT at Nashua's Middle Schools
helping parents find referral sources for behavioral health concerns in collaboration with primary care physicians

Student Assistance Program at Nashua's High Schools
early intervention services to help students get back on a path to success

http://theyouthcouncil.org/clientuploads/The_Youth_Council/Ct. Diversion Panel Night Picture.JPG

Court Diversion Program
diverting youth from court as referred by several local police departments


Arranged by local schools

Suspension Center Services
for 5th to 8th graders referred by Nashua School District



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