We measure our success, one family at a time

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While we learn a great deal from collecting feedback from our youth and families, we are also committed to tracking measurable outcomes for each of our programs. Through pre- and post-tests, survey tools, data tracking and the like, we do our best to ensure that we are maximally effective in all that we do.

We are proud to share the following outcomes from our 2011-2012 fiscal year:


We thought an 80% success rate diverting young people from juvenile court through our Court Diversion Program would be a good outcome. However, last year ALL BUT ONE youth completed his or her contract and was diverted from Court.

According to a recent youth completing the program, "My mother and I argue much less, and situations rarely escalate to a critical point."


Active Parenting teaches parents how to raise responsible children and reduce stress, while helping assess the root of their issues. Last year, we served 16 fathers and 20 mothers (with 72 children), with 19% of parents under age 21 and 34% under age 25.

Our parents come from towns throughout the region. In 2011-2012, we served the following people:


“I think the best part of this class was that the program was open to personal discussion and that we could talk about our own family.”

“The support from the teacher and others who took the class was what I liked most about the class.  We are all different but at the same time feel comfortable speaking and learning with each other.  I got a lot of support, especially from the teacher.  I have learned a lot and enjoyed myself along the way.”

“This program gave me new ideas and methods to try with my son and clues on where to get more help if I need it.”

25 mile and 50 mile bike ride