No one gave you a manual when your child was born?

Perhaps some of this information will help! Prevention for Children
Teaching fire safety, safety for babies or toddlers, Kid’s page with many fun and educational activities
Section on Head Start side bar titled Safe and Healthy Families, with topics targeted at parents or the child and cover a range such as dental care, trouble sleeping, physical fitness in toddlers, and Winter safety tips.

Preventing Alcohol and Other Drug Use

A website designed to help individuals, families, and communities to get informed, get involved and get help! You will find information on prevention efforts, effects of alcohol and other drugs, guidance on recovery and treatment and links to programs in the Granite State . . . and more.
Their mission is to engage members of our communities in a coordinated effort to promote behaviors that measurably improve the health and well being of our youth and young adults, with a focus on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention. 
New Futures is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates, educates and collaborates to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug problems in New Hampshire. New Futures envisions a State and local communities where public policies support prevention, treatments and recovery oriented efforts to reduce alcohol and other drug problems.     
Self-Test: National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
We love SMOKERS. Heck, we love everybody. Our philosophy isn’t anti-smoker or pro-smoker. It’s not even about smoking. It’s about the tobacco industry manipulating their products, research and advertising to secure replacements for the 1,200 customers they “lose” every day in America. You know, because they die.


Partnership for a Drug Free America
The Partnership is a drug abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resource, existing to help parents and caregivers effectively address alcohol and drug abuse with their teens and young adults.

Subtance Abuse & Mental Health Services
SAMHSA's mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities.

Drug Test Systems
The Company’s product offering centers on urine drug tests, saliva drug tests, and hair follicle drug tests. DTS is an authorized distributor of quality, branded products from various manufacturers of drug testing products.

Other Helpful Information is a comprehensive website for men with histories of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood – and for people who care about them.

National Institute of Mental Health

Whole Family

More coming soon!

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