Counseling for Children and Teens

Helping Your Family Get Back on Track

Many children and teens struggle to cope with tough issues like violence, self-esteem, alcohol and other drug use, loss of a loved one, anger management, peer pressure, relationships, and such. Some are able to successfully deal with the stress on their own or with the support of family and friends.

Some children and teens need the support of trained professionals. That's why we are here!

clientuploads/The_Youth_Council/GETTY_2011/young_girl.pngThe Youth Council helps children (as young as age five) and teens improve relationships with family members and peers, enhance self-esteem, find healthy free-time activities, learn to make safe choices, reduce or prevent involvement with the legal system and create support networks that are critical toward healthy development. Our counselors are trained to help kids of all ages deal with issues such as:

  • stress/anxiety
  • sexuality
  • self-esteem
  • grief
  • depression
  • peer pressure
  • staying safe
  • relationships
  • anger management
  • developing boundaries
  • loss of a loved one
  • communication
  • alcohol and other drug use
  • making healthy choices






If you have concerns, please call us at (603) 889-1090 or complete our Online Intake Information Form.

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